G2G Summit
7-8 September 2023 at Pangeran Beach Hotel Padang

High-Level Dialogue

  • to achieve a commitment by each Heads of State/Government to
    adopt conducive policies to empower micropreneurs to contribute
    effectively in the mainstream economy.
  • to agree to actively discuss, through a series of dialogues, the
    development of a unique collaborative model between countries to
    jointly develop their micropreneurs through regional synergies and
    cross-border partnerships.

Ministerial Dialogue

  • to achieve a commitment by relevant ministries of each country to
    enact policies that creates an enabling environment for micropreneurs
    to thrive in the mainstream economy.
  • to jointly discuss the possibility of a common pathway index to gauge
    the progress of micropreneurs into the mainstream economy.

Keynote Speaker

“The Future of Inclusive Economic Framework: Leaders Outlook”

ASEAN and Middle East Conference

#Big Picture Session:
Unlocking the Inclusive Economy Opportunity in the Era of Automation Technology

#Deep Dive Session:
Fostering SMEs through Muslim Friendly Tourism: Government of Indonesia and UAE Perspective

Global Inclusive Entrepreneurship Foundation

A hub to connect global-minded entrepreneurs together and develop transformational leadership to create an ecosystem of inclusive economic opportunities for next generation of business leaders.

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